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m52 Golf Mk7.5 R Stage 1 Power Upgrade

The m52 Stage 1 upgrade delivers phenomenal performance for the Mk7.5 Golf R with either manual or DSG transmissions.

Based on over a decade of tuning vehicles to pass OEM sign-off, the m52 Stage 1 offers the highest quality calibration, providing improved drivability, response and of course, a substantial increase in both power and torque, all vigorously durability tested to provide peace of mind that reliability is maintained.

Power is increased to 360PS whilst torque is raised to 500Nm, which is enough to drop the 0-60mph sprint to a staggeringly quick 3.7secs (DSG with m52 TCU cal).

VW have created a fantastic platform, but it's only truly brought to life once the m52 Stage 1 calibration is installed. This is (easily) administered yourself via our mTune handset which, not only offers multiple calibrations, it also boasts enhanced vehicle functionality, can be used to monitor gauges via the OBD port and also includes a performance meter as well.

A return to stock option is included, together with a valet and anti-theft option, too.

The m52 Stage 1 is available in two versions to fully exploit both manual and DSG transmissions.

Whilst not essential, it is recommended to achieve and maintain the quoted power figures under hard use, an aftermarket induction system should be used, like the m52 X3, which the Stage 1 calibration has been fully optimised for.


  • Power increased to 360PS
  • Torque increased to 500Nm
  • Supplied as standard with Stage 1 calibration, return to stock, anti-theft and valet options
  • Enhanced launch control
  • Easy DIY installation

In the box:

  • mTune handset complete with four calibrations; Stage 1, Stock, Valet, Anti-theft
  • Also includes:
    - Gauge display (monitor OBD channels in gauge form)
    - Adjustable shift-light
    - Performance measurements (0-60, 1/4 mile)
    - Datalogger (10 hours max)
    - Fault-code reader
  • TCU calibration (Mk7 DSG models only)
  • Zip-up case with mTune mount, OBD and USB cables
  • m52 badge
    Transmission (select option)
    TCU calibration (select option)

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