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BUNDLE DEAL - X3 Induction System and Cat-Back Exhaust System

If you're looking to increase your Golf GTI's performance, induction and exhaust noise, this bundle deal is what you've been waiting for, combining our proven X3 induction system with our beautifully crafted 3” bore cat-back exhaust at an incredible price point.

Our X3 induction system improves induction noise and airflow with its triple-entry setup and is capable of supporting 600bhp+ whilst the pressed rear silencer houses a complex series of chambers and Helmholtz resonators to ensure the cabin remains free of any boom or intrusion.

Available in resonated form, with a choice of either a stainless steel or carbon fibre trim, you can customise your look plus, as well as all of the required installation hardware, the exhaust is also supplied with two sets of trim elbows to allow installation to either a Mk7 or Mk7.5 and includes our new billet exhaust brace as standard, too.

Tailpipe option