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Stage 1 TCU Calibration Upgrade for existing 7-speed DSG Stage 1 Owners

This TCU calibration upgrade is for existing owners of mountune52 Stage 1 ECU calibrations that have been installed via our mTune handset, on Golf 7.5 GTI and R, with 7-speed DSG transmission (where previously this was not available).

The mountune52 DSG TCU calibration works in harmony with the Stage 1 engine calibration to fully exploit the maximum available vehicle performance and engine torque output.

Our mTune handset allows you to easily reprogram the gearbox's  calibration inside the TCU (Transmission Control Unit). This allows the transmission to maintain higher torque levels through the revised clutch pressure optimisation.
Shifts are faster, giving harder and quicker acceleration through the gears, whatever level of performance your car has.

The driving mode strategy itself is also optimised to suit higher power levels, giving a more coherent gear selection profile. Switch the controls over to manual and you'll have real gear control, quite literally at your fingertips - no automatic upshifts, no kick down until you decide you want it.

In addition, launch control will get you off the line quicker through allowing more boost at launch and increased launch RPM.

Please note: This product is for an electronic in-field update for your mTune handset, and is ONLY suitable for existing Stage 1 DSG owners, and cannot be used without the corresponding engine calibration and mTune handset.

After purchasing, we will contact you by email to request your handset information, which will allow us to return your in-field update by email.